Top 10 WordPress SEO Tips 2021

Hey guys, In this video we are going to talk about the top 10 SEO tips and how to improve your websites performance. If you haven’t already built website with one of my tutorials this is still good for you to look at because in the future if your starting from scratch, building a website can be a mindfield and doing SEO is even harder. There are lots of ways and tutorials on how to do it but for now this is the top 10 things I recommended not just by me but by professionals in the field of SEO, so I hope you enjoy it.


We must start with number 1. Using Google Analytics, it might seem really really simple but a lot of people actually forget to even use Google Analytics and it is the largest Analytical software in the world which allows you to track loads of different things on your website, so why would you use Google Analytics?


Basically it helps you work out what the bounce rate is on your page when people click on them and how many sessions you are getting as well as the duration, the time that people spending on the pages and all that cool fun stuff. The other thing is the integrations available with loads of different softwares including Salesforce which is one of them the top ones for marketing also Google search console.


So it really really helps to boost your overall understanding on how websites work, reason number 3 is information about the users, so this is really helpful to know about where your users are coming from and if they’re being referred from another website that you recently partnered with or created a backlink for, you can see where your traffic coming from.


Using caching plugins, basically the caching plugin makes a copy of the page that a user would go and visit on your website and it creates like it’s basically before they visit the page which is called a cached version of it. I really recommend is WP-Rocket which is now the market leader in terms of WP cache in software so you know if a WordPress WP rocket is by far the best has the best features, it’s a one-off payment and it’s just really really good if you have a look in the description below you will see a link for a small commission that does help me Create future videos


Using a content delivery network CDN. The reason why you would want to use a CDN is basically the load time on Pages globally so not just local you know countries that you’re in but if you want customers from other countries you need to have a CDN and the reason why is because it will basically increase the page speed performance on your website by a huge amount because instead of going to your website and loading the files from your country it loads it from the closest server, for example your in America and your your countries server is in Australia they would have to wait for the server at in Australia to send the files for the page to load where, but if you have a content delivery network what it does is the content delivery network actually sends a copy of the files over to the US server and has it all ready to go so if someone from the US actually goes to that website they get the files directly from the US server rather than having to go all the way over to Australia and pick up the files.